Rob J Kennedy

Rob J Kennedy

Sydney, Australia

Joined Feb 9, 2016


Rob J Kennedy

Sydney, Australia


Joined Feb 9, 2019

Jazz composer who also loves writing film and post-classical music. Influenced by movies, paintings, poetry and sci-fi novels. Loves and hates Sydney, and does dozens of dance, art and music gigs every year.

7 Apr, 2016

Songs of the Madma ...

Songs of the Madman is a concept album, loosely based on the life of a modern day man, like Diogenes. He searches for God, honesty and truth. As he defies the conventions of his time, people call him mad. He is ostracised and left to wonder, who is mad, him or the world, and what have we lost.

12 tracks of original music in the vein of concept albums like Dark Side of the Moon, Bat out of Hell and War of the Worlds.

4 Mar, 2016

A Dark Earth?

Off my album, I am as you know me. A Dark Earth? formally Dark Song, takes an anti-nuclear stance. There are no words, but the message is clear. No more nuclear weapons and destroy what we have built.?

We have only one earth, it's our home.

18 Feb, 2016

I am as you know m ...

Coming very soon, Rob's releasing his sixth album, I am as you know me.?

It's full of solo jazz piano, small jazz ensemble pieces, and some quirky piano tunes to make you laugh.

15 Feb, 2016

I am as you know m ...

My sixth album, I am as you know me, is an exploration into the sounds that make up what I love and what I am about.

I have collaborated with two musicians on this album. Yatziv from Germany, who is an amazing percussionist and Valentino from Italy, he is a multi-instrumentalist.

Several songs off every album I make have YouTube videos connected to them, like the one above of my song, Home. You can find all my videos and subscribe to my channel at Rob J Kennedy.

You can chat with me via Twitter?or on my Facebook page.

Love to hear from you.